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Concentrate now. Be A Butterfly, Be A Butterfly Be A . . .

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20140418

I have finished stowing away my fiction from this blog. Now I am going to work on branding, and set myself to promote my work properly. Like a butterfly tucked inside its cocoon changes are going on away inside the cocoon. I hope you will enjoy the butterfly when it emerges and tests out its new wings.

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The Next Phase In My Writing

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20140129

I am considering my options for my future in writing. I have not been writing as I have liked, because I have not had easy access to writing tech and the time to utilize it. I think that in the next couple of weeks, I will be able to continue my writing once again. Keep those glorious fingertips crossed, such as they are.

So, I have decided to give new technologies a chance. With that in mind, I have decided to take a more serious approach toward my personal branding.

I am asking myself a question, about where and how to publish my writing. I used to post my writing here. I am considering switching my content to Wattpad. I will be removing my content on this blog until I make a firm decision. I would like to expand my horizons beyond writing as a hobby. I always value collaboration, even when my project is my own, so, suggestions are welcome.

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Closer to Getting Myself Back in Order

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20130911

I recently learned that  fixing my computer is going to set me back about $117 smackeroos. I am becoming more inclined to put myself out there and utilizing my skills to my betterment. Wish me luck.

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Computer Down

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20130606

I repeat we have a computer down.

All my projects are currently hampered by this problem. I hope the stuff I have been working on has not been lost. Meanwhile, I am currently only able to chat and check e-mails.

Wish me luck.

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New Blog: Art is A Dying Art, Or, Once Upon A Time Every Aspect of Everyday Life Required Art And Function To Be One Until Capitalism Conquered Reality By Sending Art to the Back of the Bus And Shoved It Under The Seat

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20130501

The Way of The Storyteller

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New Blog: . . . We All Are The Universe (And Why I’m So Pissed That I Wanted To Help Mankind Awaken To Their True Potential)

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20130419

I created this other blog a while back called “A Third Eye Reality For A Tenth Eye Mind”, but I ended up removing the content. It lacked focus. I didn’t know what to say in it. Some months ago I figured it out, but, it still languished in the back of my mind. I knew that a renaming was in order. But, then I found a wonderful poem from Willowdot21 that stated my intent perfectly and used it as a dedication for the re-imagined blog “. . . We All Are The Universe“.


In the wake of recent events in Boston and the subsequent absolute and utter evil gestapo actions by the Police and FBI in their manhunt. The  reporter for NBC reporting on a body in a turquoise shirt who wavered on whether to or not to disclose if the innocent civilian lived or died, and was too obviously too shaken and scared for his life while reporting on the event to say what he really knew. He stumbled on his words and almost revealed the truth. In another video image of a cop shaking so bad he couldn’t hold his gun steady to save his life while aiming the assault rifle at an infant child in the his/her mother’s arms. This seems to be an admission of guilt on the desire of our own government to feel free to slaughter it’s own citizens without just cause or rule of law.

It has so obvious that the government has gone rogue as Nazi-style war crimes and Crimes Against Humanity are being perpetrated on Mainstream National TV as though the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has declared war on babies who are incapable of killing let alone feeding themselves. It is high time that all secrets be revealed. No more hidden agendas.

So yeah, my first post for my new blog will be a little angry directed at this evil and all the others that we just passively let happen and if we ask questions, just like good little NAZI‘s answer “I am not responsible. I was only following orders.” And when you ask who is in charge, you are referred to each department in turn until you get back to the first department and you realize no one is in charge. And, Why? So they have legal justification to fuck over the innocent and steal your soul.

I want to help my human brothers to be “Awakened” to the satanic magical rituals and unforgivable abuses of authority perpetrated on us at every level of our lives, and how to stop playing the battered wives suffering from PTSD that our National and World leaders wanted us to be.

We are Beautiful. We are Intelligent. We are Creative. We Are Valuable. We are Human. We do not deserve to be dehumanized.

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Poll #2: Looking For the Next POV Character In Born of Flames

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20130313

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Feedback: “Stolen by Fire”

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20130305

Yesterday I finished the “Stolen By Fire” story/chapter from Born of Flames. It is a tragic story with a touching yet sad ending. I promise that there is more to come. But I could use some feedback to address it’s weaknesses. Below are the links to the story as it currently exists. Followed by where I think there is room for improvement.

BORN OF FLAMES: “Stolen By Fire

  1. How do I refine Heather’s story and make her more tragic in the lead up to the tragedy?  I am satisfied with the family’s reaction to the tragedy, but, in the lead up to the tragedy Heather wasn’t as tragic a character as I think she should have been. I think it is because she was so young an age that she is so hard to write.
  2. How do I give  the father Dean more depth in his character? Although Dean is a minor character. He falls a little too flat in the “Farewell Before the Storm” scene.
  3. Is there anything I can do to better represent the firefighters? Having no experience myself, I tried the best I could to represent these everyday heroes.

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Poll #1: A New Plotline For The Cain Upset

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20121206

I am trying to decide which plotline I should work on next. You should read the latest version of  Cain’s Weapon first. Any input would be of assistance.

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Coming Soon and other Attractions

Posted by Ryan M. Church on 20121203

I will soon start posting new material.

Recently, I have seen a new performance by Eva Grey. But this time it is NSFW and so the post will be password protected for those with a sensitive nature.

Password: TrueGrey

From Ghost Stories to Burlesque

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